What Will ‘Ready’ Look Like?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Life Care Counselors at John Knox Village speak with hundreds of prospects every year. Many of them make the decision to move forward and live at The Village. Others don’t.

The most common reason for not moving forward is, “I’m not ready yet.” This always invites the follow-up question, “What will ready look like?”

No one wants to move. Typically, new residents are between the ages of 65 and 75. They have been living in their current home for 10-50 years. They like their new homes.

Unlike younger people who want to improve the size or quality of their home as their family and income increases, prospects for retirement living are no longer interested in keeping up with the neighbors.

Seniors see making a move as having to make tough decisions combined with hard work. They need to value the move to take on the challenges of a move.

Cost of Living: Many people move into John Knox Village because they sit down, do the math and realize that they will be saving a substantial amount of money each month by residing in The Village as compared to being a homeowner.

Long-Term Care: Another common reason is knowing they don’t have long-term care insurance. They realize that by moving to The Village, they are fully protected against the possible requirements for higher levels of care – assisted living, memory care or skilled nursing care.

Active Lifestyle: Numerous prospects decide that by living at John Knox Village, with active fellow residents, their quality of life is dramatically improved. They exercise more, have more fun and eliminate the time and tasks associated with owning a home.

What Will “Ready” Look Life for You?

If the answer is a physical ailment or memory issues, you will jeopardize the quality retirement options available. Our infamous expression is, “If You Need It, It’s Too Late”

A new year has just begun. Go to a place where you make good decisions, and challenge yourself with the question of when will the benefits outweigh the challenges of moving.

John Knox Village is an active, independent living retirement community. We offer several options and many styles of living. All options include a maintenance-free apartment or villa that can be finished to your specifications.

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