Voice Magazine – April 2017 – Visit From Musical Mega-Stars Thrills Residents

As a girl growing up in northwestern It­aly during the ’30s and ’40s, young Renata Scotto was always surrounded by song.
Her earliest memories were of her seam­stress mother working away with cloth and thread while singing. That maternal influ­ence would have a profound effect upon her life and career.
“Since I was four or five years old, I sang all the time,” Renata told The Village Voice. “My mamma was a seamstress and she was working all day long, she was sing­ing, just because she had heard songs, and she repeated those songs and I was going along with her. That is how I began.”
Through the joy of song, Renata decid­ed exactly what her goal in life would be: “Professionally I said my life is going to be a singer. A singer absolutely.” But as Rena­ta explained further, “Not a little singer … but a big singer! I wanted to be someone and I was very determined.”

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