Sharing and Caring

sharing-3asharing-2aOn any given day, throughout the year, John Knox Village residents and staff are accomplishing amazing deeds. Some residents are preparing bag lunches for the homeless. Others are busy and collecting school supplies for local needy children. Personal hygiene products are being placed in “Hope Totes” by Housekeeping and Plant Operations employees. A constant flow of funds are contributed to numerous worthy causes.

These ardent activities and more are all part of John Knox Village’s Sharing and Caring Program. As a nonprofit organization, John Knox Village first established the social accountability program in 2008 to maintain vital connections with social organizations in the community.

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The program continues to assist a variety of recipients, including: grandparents raising grandchildren; veterans; schools, seniors struggling to provide in-home care to loved ones; sports programs geared to teaching leadership skills to our youth; and support programs for those who are homeless, hurting and in need of hope.
sharing-1aThese organizations greatly depend on financial and volunteer support from others to keep their programs and services thriving.

No matter what the cause, John Knox Village will continue to be a role model organization that caters to the hearts of Broward County’s needy residents. For more information about our Sharing and Caring Program, or to be considered for some assistance, please call Nanette Olson, Foundation Director of Development, at (954) 784-4757.