The Woodlands: Setting a New Standard in Senior Living Facilities Care

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When doors to The Woodlands at John Knox Village formally open on May 26, elder-residents will enjoy the freshest model of skilled nursing center care ever created in one of the most leading-edge of senior living facilities in Florida.

Partnering with the national non-profit THE GREEN HOUSE® Project, The Woodlands will have new standards that are the most innovative in senior living facilities care. Those standards will include living spaces that are small in size and personal in style; where residents can build intimate relationships with each other and staff.

The seven-story $35-million building will have two homes each on the top six floors. In those homes, elders will enjoy their own private rooms and baths in a willfully created community of no more than 12 residents per home.

Their rooms will open up to a vibrant central hearth setting, with an adjacent open kitchen and dining area. Meals will be prepared in the kitchen and shared at a long, dining table where staff, residents and visitors alike can eat communally. Elders can choose to help prepare their own meals; even when and where they want to eat.

Unlike the majority of big-box nursing homes, where nursing stations often dominate the center of each unit, medication and supply cabinets will be located in each individual room in The Woodlands, giving it the feel of one of the most communal senior living facilities ever built.

“The Woodlands will provide a level of care for restoring health and well-being while eliminating the fear and loneliness that often accompany in-patient care settings,” says Monica McAfee, John Knox Village Director of Sales and Marketing.

“The Woodlands will offer an encouraging and loving environment where quality nursing care will be a hallmark. By utilizing The Green House model of care, we will provide an atmosphere for healing unlike typical nursing homes or rehabilitation facilities,” Monica adds.

Snuggled in the sunny South Florida City of Pompano Beach, The Woodlands is the newest and brightest jewel on John Knox Village’s 70-acre campus.

People who currently live independently at John Knox Village have the peace of mind knowing that should they ever require higher levels of care they will enjoy the greater warmth, indulgent nurturing and smaller residence-care provided in The Woodlands contrary to hospital-like centers.

The assurance of moving into this dynamic senior living facility is one of the greatest benefits to living at John Knox Village for its 900-strong residents.

As one of the truly unique senior living facilities nationwide, and the first Green House model constructed in the State of Florida, The Woodlands is built on the three core Green House values which create:

  • A meaningful life
  • In a real home
  • Led by an empowered staff

For more information about The Woodlands at John Knox Village, call Admissions Coordinator Cristina Rodriguez at (954) 783-4041 or visit this page. To learn more about THE GREEN HOUSE ® Project click on their link here.

— Michael Barnes, John Knox Village Web Production Specialist

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