My Retirement is at Hand

I expect that most of you have heard of my intent to retire.

A lot of residents (and employees) have asked me why I am retiring at such a young age. Only here, at John Knox Village, is that a valid question. Here, I am considered a young Director. My predecessor, Bob Milanovich, worked until he was almost 70!

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Outside the hedge, my 67 years is considered to be a prime retirement age. I have been in the hospital for surgery three times during the past five years.

I internalized these visits as a warning. I need to be more active. I have a new bike and a wife who loves to SCUBA dive and take long walks. We already have two big trips scheduled. We are going to do these and more.

First rumor: Nanette is not going to retire with me. She enjoys her work at John Knox Village and plans to stay and complete the goals she and the Foundation established upon her arrival.

David Jenkins, a John Knox Village resident and Marketing Ambassador, was speaking to a group of prospects and made a statement that hit me between the eyes. He said, “retirement allows me the luxury of time to indulge myself in my hobbies and dreams.”

I have so many projects I want to accomplish. I have a pile of books I want to read. I have grandchildren and their parents I want to visit. My decision to retire sets in motion the advice we give prospects who want to move here: Please do not wait until it’s too late.

Second rumor: I am not quitting in order to move to John Knox Village in a few years. Both Nanette and I want to move here and will as soon as we are eligible. We have “swallowed the Kool-Aid.”

I feel very proud of the work we have done the past five years. The Marketing Team is a very special group who I have come to love as brothers and sisters. The Management Team is outstanding and extremely dedicated.

Nanette is a beautiful woman who makes me happy. I want to be with her as long as the Lord permits. I am going to make sure that’s possible. My decision to retire is as simple as that.