Leadership Transcends Generations


A quote on a coffee mug in my office reads, “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?” (Robert H. Schuller). This is a great reminder that life experiences, whether we’re just getting started or we’re chronologically gifted, requires courage.

John Knox Village recently hosted more than 70 Leadership Broward professionals to discover why our residents choose the lifestyle, features and benefits of a Continuing Care Retirement Community.

Leadership Broward Foundation Inc. believes “Strong community leaders make a strong community.” Professionals representing careers in academics, business, civic, healthcare and services were all present. Community leaders representing the Northeast Focal Point Senior Center, Broward County Elderly and Veterans Services and John Knox Village management were also part of the discussion on what and how services for older adults are desired; the challenges and emerging trends for the future.

While good quality, value and features matter, understanding why people make the decisions they do is critical. John Knox Village is unique. We offer a lifestyle, and people choose to incorporate our lifestyle into their own for many reasons.

The tangible proof was the authentic messages shared by our residents who challenged the status quo of our audience.

Pam Gardner, our first 3rd Generation resident, shared the value of observing her grandparents and parents who chose this lifestyle and the opportunity that provided her in making the decision for herself.

Pam utilizes her many talents to make John Knox Village an exciting place in which to live by managing our Village Mart, a quaint shop to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee, a slice of pizza or pick up a variety of convenient items, from gift cards to milk and bread, with friends.

Reverend David Jenkins, an active clergy member within the Village as well as our greater community, shared the importance in having the luxury of time to indulge in his hobbies and enjoys the maintenance-free lifestyle.

Tom McKay, also an active volunteer with our Resident Senate, which provides guidance in planning and programming for management and our Board of Directors, provided several examples of how being engaged in life allows him to thrive.

Tom is a proponent of active aging as a solution to improving the quality of life for older adults by remaining fully engaged in life.

William (Bill) O’Leary, a Member of our Board of Directors and Vice President and Wealth Strategist at Northern Trust, helped coordinate the event. He reminded the attendees that as future leaders, they will be called upon to find their passions and give back, using their talents and skills to address society’s issues.

Connecting a community of like-minded resident leaders who share the goals of changing society’s perceptions of aging with area professionals proved to be a powerful initiative in transcending generations and considering the possibilities for their own lives and the basis of changing the way we age.

Many organizations start with what they do—the services they offer or the products they sell. Some organizations share how they do it—the things that make them special or set them apart from competition.

The discovery of why is an important process at John Knox Village—in discerning life’s choices and how we make decisions and what inspires and brings us fulfillment.

The opportunity to bring together current and future leaders of our community by uniting professionals from Leadership Broward, the Greater Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce and various City and County organizations makes John Knox Village a great place to work and even better place to live.

Gerald Stryker, Chief Executive Officer