A Legacy Honored for John Knox Village Leadership

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The recent tribute celebrating Bob Scharmann’s retirement after his 17 years of service was a wonderful series of events. Family and friends were present. Staff, residents, Board and community officials all shared their gratitude for the numerous ways in which Bob has touched and changed their lives.

Residents and former Board Members Orville Brink and Frank Furman reflected on earlier years in their leadership roles and the importance of finding a talented and experienced executive who had integrity and faith-based values.

The selection of Bob Scharmann has benefited our community with consistency of leadership and many achievements recognized nationally and statewide. He has positioned John Knox Village as an innovative community with high standards.

Bob Milanovich, our retired Director of Marketing with more than 30 years of service and current resident, reflected on the importance of leadership. He talked about the significance in growing and sustaining deep relationships among staff and residents that defines our extended family culture and “One Community Sharing Life” together.

Several community officials, dignitaries and Board Members all expressed appreciation for Bob’s unwavering commitment to involving and improving the community “outside the hedge” in Pompano Beach and Broward County.

The importance of recognizing that we are interdependent and our mutual success of thriving as integrated communities is crucial to our future growth. This has been a hallmark of John Knox Village leadership past and present.

I have known Bob for 28 years. We began our careers with Life Care Services in South Florida in the early 1980s. The opportunity to join the John Knox Village team as Chief Operating Officer and now in succession as Chief Executive Officer has been a privilege and honor.

During the tribute, a passionate resident expressed to me, “Gerry Stryker, you have big shoes to fill.” As I have reflected on this expression, I believe we all have been given different gifts and talents to make a difference in the lives of others.

I am excited about the future opportunities and challenges that our community will face. We have, and are growing, a talented leadership team of staff, residents and Board of Directors.

With positive community collaborations and partnerships, humility in leadership, a strategic focus with an innovative vision and disciplined execution, we will write the next John Knox Village chapter together.

Congratulations Bob on your retirement and making a difference in the lives of others in your career. As you step into this new path of God’s journey for your life, please glance back down the road you have traveled. Remember that you have left a legacy in the places you have been.

With appreciation and gratitude,

Gerry Stryker,

Chief Executive Officer