Hurricane Season Stories

florida retirement communityFrom time to time, I like to share factors I have heard for why a new resident moved to John Knox Village. With Hurricane Season here (June 1-November 30), I thought I would share some stories.

For quite some time, we sent out a direct mail piece suggesting a person should consider moving to John Knox Village following a hurricane. The idea of the advertisement was if you had been living here, this is how you would have managed during the recent storm.

We always seem to get a good response to this mailing. About four years ago, we began circulating our hurricane mailer before the season. We encouraged prospects to make their move prior to a hurricane striking South Florida.

Please consider some of the following:

  • During Hurricane Wilma, John Knox Village residents never missed a warm meal.
  • During Wilma, residents had electricity and air conditioning.
  • A construction crew was on the site rebuilding the roof that was damaged at Gardens West (assisted living).
  • All employees were paid.
  • Employees had a source of gasoline for their vehicles.
  • Any damaged windows were immediately fixed by John Knox Village employees
  • All tree debris was picked up and removed by our Grounds staff.
  • Flooding was attended to by John Knox Village.
  • Buses took John Knox Village residents to stores for shopping.
  • Our Housekeeping employees cleaned the units from storm debris.
  • Our Health Center never closed. We never had to relocate a Health Center resident to another community.
  • There are more than 650 employees at John Knox Village prepared to do whatever it takes to care for our residents during a hurricane.

For our residents, be glad you live at John Knox Village, where we have an outstanding plan in place when there is a hurricane. Share with your friends on the outside that you have peace of mind knowing John Knox Village is well prepared for a disaster.