Gazette – November 2017 – Calm Before, During and After the Storm


By now, we all understand what happened and what could have been. Watching the hurricane coverage on The Weather Channel, Jim Cantore and the meteorological experts urged us all to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Hurricane Irma would certainly interrupt our lives for several days at the least, and more if we were targeted for a direct hit.
For a time it looked like Miami would bear the impact, but as Irma shifted west we all realized, that while we would not feel the full impact of the hurricane’s Category 3 or 4 fury, we would still be under hurricane force winds and subject to possible severe flooding due to the storm surge in the Northeastern quadrant of the storm.
Residents of John Knox Village, the life plan continuing care retirement community located in Pompano Beach, enjoyed the assurance of a well-rehearsed emergency plan. The plan calls for each of the 900 residents to be cared for in the most efficacious area for their needs.
Residents joined by family members, staff, employees and their families rode out the storm, sheltered in prepared quarters at John Knox Village.
There is something very special about preparation and togetherness that helps us cope in the face of adversity. If you are a senior living in South Florida, you know the stress and strain of storm preparation: Waiting in line at the grocery for water and canned goods; spending hours waiting for gas; bringing outdoor furniture inside; securing the home with shutters or plywood; deciding whether or not to evacuate…and if so where?
We all lived through the strain, but for JKV residents, the planning and preparation before, care during, and clean up after the storm…are valuable benefits of living in the life plan community.

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