Classic & Antique Cars Rule Florida Retirement Communities!

florida retirement communities

Memories abound at Florida retirement communities like John Knox Village in Pompano Beach. Often, seniors remember cultural signifiers of their youth like classic and antique cars.

Those memories can be powerful.

John Knox Village residents Paul and Sally Loree recall the reaction when fellow seniors at a classic car show saw one of the first antique cars that the couple owned.

“My first tour when I previously owned my 1929 Hudson Dual Cowl Phaeton was in the small City of Canandaigua in New York, ” Paul remembers. “Driving slowly down the road, I noticed the people watching have tears rolling down their faces. They were so moved seeing the cars from their youth and childhood.”

Powerful emotions and the classic and antique cars that trigger them will be featured at John Knox Village’s Annual Classic and Antique Car Show Saturday, March 19, from 10 a.m. to noon. Nearly 50 cars, dating back to the early 1900s, will be displayed around the community’s Furman Square, Rex Foster Lake and surrounding villas.

The Lorees were integral to the history behind the cars show at one of the premium Florida retirement communities.

Shortly after moving into John Knox Village in 2004, the Lorees shared that story with Bob Milanovich, retired Director of Marketing and now a resident. “Bob agreed it would be an incredible event for our residents – to have several cars and their owners on campus for John Knox Village’s own Car Show.”

florida retirement communities

Nearly 10 years later, the Car Show has become very popular – from more than 20 participating cars to now nearly 50. Paul helps the Marketing Department promote and plan for the classic and antique car show, one of the first for Florida retirement communities.

“Our residents and guests really love walking the grounds, seeing the old cars and talking to the owners,” Paul observes. “It’s always enjoyable listening to them share memories and personal stories.”

When it comes to variety, each year there are regular participants and always some newcomers. “We have great participation by the Antique Automobile Club of America (South Florida Region) and lately, the local Volkswagen Club,” adds Mr. Loree.

Some of Paul’s personal favorites in the past have been David and Doreen Salzman’s (Jupiter, FL) 1948 Chrysler Town and Country Convertible, Wisconsin native Gene Greng’s 1964 Kaiser Darrin Roadster and John and George Bradley’s (John Knox Village) 1932 Marmon V16.

The Lorees are not the only Florida retirement communities residents who have showcased their prized cars at the event. Resident Don DeJong and his son Dirk have a 1940 Buick Roadmaster Phaeton. David and Janet Thomson feature their 1928 Model “A” Ford. And, this year Joyous Burkart will display her 1956 Ford Thunderbird, a gift from her son who had it built for her.

florida retirement communities

Attendees are given the opportunity to vote for the “People’s Choice Awards” by choosing their favorite automobile. Last year, first place went to Fort Lauderdale resident David Dweck for his 1966 Chevrolet Corvette. At 1 p.m., there will be a parade of cars around John Knox Village.

All residents and their guests are welcome to attend. If you have a car or know someone who does and wants to be in the show, call the Marketing Department at (954) 783-4040 or e-mail (

— Christopher Miller, John Knox Village Public Relations / Events Manager